Success Story

How Komaspec increased their deal conversion rate and productivity through the right CRM

Overview - 

Komaspec, a full service contract manufacturer for metal and plastic fabrication in China, were onboarded on Infusionsoft but were unable to use the Infusionsoft deal flow fully because of the technological bottlenecks in the Infusionsoft (Infusionsoft only accepts certain file types in their CRM). Komaspec also needed to utilize the deal flow and follow up sequences to avoid losing out on dormant leads. 

Problem - 

Komaspec ran into problems in integrating Infusionsoft and a wordpress setup. The deal flow was incomplete because of the technological bottlenecks of Infusionsoft because of which -
1) There were no active sales stages. 

2) The customer database and interactions were not getting recorded in complete. 

3) Automation sequences could not be built due to compatibility issues. 

4) Follow up sequences were not built because of complexity in the GUI of Infusionsoft as compared to Hubspot.

Komaspec contacted Ziel with the objective to automate the RFQ to Sales process, Automate follow-ups with the deals and also to use the CRM to store and process all customer interaction points and data. 

Our Approach - 

After analyzing different CRM tools, Hubspot was the winner as Hubspot supports all file types to be stored in the CRM and due to available automation sequences and tools within Hubspot, it was a no-brainer.

Our Solution - 

  1. Data Migration - CRM Data was migrated from Infusionsoft to Hubspot without loss of customer interactions and timelines. 
  2. Innovative Deal Flow - The Deal from started from RFQ to the Purchase Order and was designed to support automation. We recognized and build deal properties that would be indicators of a progress in the deal and would also allow automation in the flow. Eg., RFQ Number, Quotation Number were programmed and the deal flow was modified to track progress based on generation of these identifiers. 
  3. A True Central CRM - The various forms of communication that Komaspec used, primarily phone and email were connected and tracked within the CRM itself. SOPs were made and training material was produced for enabling the ‘Correct’ use of a CRM. 
  4. Deal Follow Up Sequences - Smart automations were put into place identified by last communication and the deal stage of a customer. This enabled automatic follow ups to be sent out from deal owners and also notified the deal owners of a rotting deal.
    The overall rate of conversion of RFQs to Purchase Orders was improved significantly. 
  5. Up-sell Opportunities - In the manufacturing industry the process of manufacturing got updated regularly to overcome new challenges and optimize the manufacturing process further. These new developments are a major sales pitch for potential leads because it reduces the cost or time the product is delivered in or both.
    Ziel advised and implemented email marketing to promote the newer developments, this opened up opportunities of upselling to already existing customers and subscribers and also increasing the deal sizes while building loyalty and trust with the customers. 

Results - 

As soon as the new CRM got into use, there was more clarity in the processes for the executives and this generated more intelligence for the company to optimize the processes. 

  1. Increase in Conversion Rate

Deal conversion rate improved significantly because of regular follow ups. 

  1. Streamlined Business Processes and Increase in Productivity

The CRM database recorded overall processes of the sales, marketing and service side of the business which decreased the amount of time spent by sales professionals to gather data about their daily activities. It also brought email templates increasing productivity significantly. 

  1. Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Setting up the CRM, email marketing templates, design and SOP enabled Komaspec to capitalize on their already existing customer and subscriber database and using Content to generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

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